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1vnt. Skunk Sack Large ( 19 - 17.8cm )

1vnt. Skunk Sack Large ( 19 - 17.8cm )

1vnt. Skunk Sack Large ( 19 - 17.8cm )

1,50 €
Prekės kodas: 1070 - large

1 maišelis.
Dydis 19 - 17.8cm.

Tai speclialus maišelis , kuris gerokai geriau nei įprasti sulaiko kvapus.

Produkto video informacija :

Skunk Sack odour free storage bags are designed to be the ultimate solution keeping the odour in. These great quality bags are not only odour proof but also water tight and puncture resistant. The bags have been EXTREME sealed along the edges with a triple pressed, extra wide and thick seal that is sure to lock in the odours. The Skunk Sacks also feature a double locking zipper that is three times thicker and more pliable over standard bags. They are not only perfect for storing your belongings but they are resealable ensuring that you will get a great service life from them

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