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"'HoneyComb' Amber" SG18 ir SG14

"'HoneyComb' Amber" SG18 ir SG14

"'HoneyComb' Amber" SG18 ir SG14

20,27 € / 69,99 Lt
Prekės kodas: 583 - GF 44-35

Quick Overview:

Material: Glass
Color:     black
Print:     'Black Leaf'
Height: 118mm
Diameter: 50mm
Grind:     SG 2x14 (14,5mm)
Percolator: HoneyComb

Pre-cooler and ashcatcher of the brand 'Black Leaf'. This steam cleaner comes along with a 'HoneyComb' percolator, which ensures intensive cooling of the smoke by countless swirls, which filter out unwanted pollutants, too. The result: Aromatic, mild bong steam - a pleasure without a scratchy throat.

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