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'Pot Hit' green ( One hitter )

'Pot Hit' green  ( One hitter )

'Pot Hit' green ( One hitter )

3,00 € / 10,36 Lt
Prekės kodas: 1089 - 52 02 01-37

Material Metal
Colour green
Length Pipe 115mm
Size Container 50x40mm

'PotHit' is made of the highest quality CNC-machined aluminium and is the latest in effective pure pipe smoking. Designed to be discreet and sit innocently anywhere.

Fill the bowl with a fresh pre-ground mix. Firmly push your smoking tube head first into the opening of the bowl screwed in place to load up, remove and smoke. Simply blow into the tube and the ashes are removed. Your 'PotHit' will safe you loads each time it is used as the amount of mixture required for a single hit is tiny, making your smoking mixture last much longer.

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